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keygen for Multivariate Image Analysis Toolbox for Matlab v1.0.6 by iDK0DAY



   Product:      MIA_Toolbox 1.0.6 for MATLAB
   Company:      Eigenvector Research, Inc.
   Release date: 04/10/08
   Rar count:    xx/5mb
   Supplier:     iDK
   Cracker:      iDK

   With MIA_Toolbox, multivariate images from microscopy to remote sensing can be easily 
   analyzed using the same PLS_Toolbox tools you are already familiar with. MIA_Toolbox 
   allows you to load, manipulate, and analyze multivariate images in the Analysis graphical 
   interface as well as using many of the higher-level command-line functions. Principal 
   components analysis, multivariate curve resolution (ALS and Purity), SIMCA and PLSDA 
   classification, K-Means clustering, and even PLS or PCR regression can all be performed 
   on images with this extension pack. MIA_Toolbox also adds a number of functions which 
   are designed to take advantage of the special "spatial" relationship inherent in a 
   multivariate image including functions like Evolving Window Factor Analysis and Maximal 
   Autocorrelative Factors, and a suite of Texture functions.

   MIA_Toolbox includes:

    * "Automatic image display" technology to recognize and automatically present appropriate 
       model results in image format.
    * Image importing and building functions to make assembly of multivariate images easier.
    * Image specific functions including EWFA, MAF, and an image-enhanced Cluster analysis.
    * Texture-analysis functions which encode the texture in an image into a vector for pattern 
      or regression analysis.
    * Enables most standard PLS_Toolbox functions to work with images.

   1. Unpack
   2. Run
   3. Enjoy this great Toolbox!

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